A long, pleasant, and not demanding route- it connects the Puchaczówka Pass with Międzygórze. It is connected with the Stronie Śląskie loop and the Loop under Śnieżnik. Most of the route is a one-way singletrack, there are also sections of field, forest and asphalt roads. In the car park on the Puchaczówka Pass and in the car park under the ski jump in Międzygórze self-service points for bicycles and roofed shelters as resting places have been prepared.

The route leads partly through the village of Międzygórze, where you can comfortably park and start riding from here. The section from Międzygórze towards the Puchaczówka Pass offers beautiful views; the kilometre-long end leads along the provincial road 392 - one must be careful.

Select the car park icon on the map and turn on your smartphone to navigate to this point - it will lead you to the parking space closest to the entrance gate. Then, you can switch on the navigation to lead you to the entrance gate by analogy.

Leaflet download (PDF): Pętla Międzygórze