The route consists of singletrack sections and fragments of asphalt, forest and field roads. It will test your fitness and technical skills. Climbs are sometimes demanding, but after some effort you will have beautiful views and a long downhill ride with bends and jumps - the best part of the track. A short section of the route leads through the centre of Stronie Śląskie and is well marked. The route partly covers the Rudek loop, which ends about 200m from the main entrance gate of the Stronie Śląskie loop (the Janowa Pass). It continues across the ski hills, where you have to be careful at crossings with other ski hills. It is directly connected to the Międzygórze singletrack route and the routes in Lądek Zdrój are easy to reach from it.

The ride can be started in one of the four car parks marked on the map: on the Puchaczówka Pass with a roofed resting place and self-service point, on the lagoon in Stara Morawa (it is the largest one), a small car park with a roofed resting place at the entrance gate to the Rudka loop, a car park on the Janowa Pass for several cars, about 200m from the entrance gate to the Stronie Śląskie loop.

Select the car park icon on the map and turn on your smartphone to navigate to this point - it will lead you to the parking space closest to the entrance gate. Then, you can switch on the navigation to lead you to the entrance gate by analogy.